Filey Bay Porter Cask English Whisky

Apr 5, 2024
I am already a huge fan of the Filey Bay range made at The Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery. Alongside their Flagship Whisky, they craft a range of different finishes:
  • Double Oak - matured in a combination of virgin oak (adding fruit and spice) and bourbon casks (vanilla and toffee). It's packed with flavours of sweet dried fruit, creamy vanilla malt, and sweet cinnamon spice flavours

  • Moscatel - primary maturation in ex-Bourbon casks before being transferred to Spanish hogsheads which previously held Moscatel. Soft, Sweet & Fruity with flavours of orange, honey, dried fruits and cocoa

  • IPA Cask Finish - Filey Bay worked with sibling company World Top Brewery to finish its whisky in casks that previously held Scarborough Fair IPA beer. Green apple, malty biscuits, bright tropical fruit, oak spice and roasted nuts

  • Peated Finish - first matured in a selection of first-fill bourbon barrels, before a undergoing a secondary maturation in peated casks. Subtle, light and fresh with a coastal tang. Flavours of caramel, peat smoke and citrus

  • STR - matured first in ex-bourbon casks, then into an STR cask for a second maturation period. STR casks are ex-red wine casks that have been Shaved, Toasted and Re-charred, creating the perfect environment for their light and creamy whisky to draw out the delicious red fruit flavours from the wood

And now... brand new to the range a Whisky... that has been matured in Marmalade Porter Casks: Filey Bay Porter Cask English Whisky

Filey Bay Porter Cask English Whisky - Digital Distiller   Filey Bay Porter Cask English Whisky - Digital Distiller   Filey Bay Porter Cask English Whisky - Digital Distiller

Once again bringing together the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery and the Wold Top Brewery (see the IPA Cask above), this single malt has been aged in casks that previously held Marmalade Porter.

This has imbued the whisky with flavours of orange chocolate, baked apples and roast malt. The characteristic distillery fruity house style remains however, making this a complex and rewarding experience!

The ex-PX and ex-Bourbon casks chosen for this release were originally filled in the spring and autumn of 2017. Disgorged years later the whisky from the ex-PX casks formed the Sherry Cask Reserve #2 while the whisky from the ex-Bourbon casks was integrated into the Flagship System.

From here they were then refilled with Wold Top Brewery ‘Marmalade Porter’ and tucked away on the farm to mature the beer.

After holding the Porter for 14 months the casks were disgorged once more and the casks refilled, this time with the full term ex-Bourbon matured whisky from 2018. They went back into the warehouse again before the final disgorging and careful marrying created this very special release: Filey Bay Porter Cask.

Each step of this whisky’s maturation brought new notes and flavours to the fore. Sweetness from the ex-PX casks, vanilla from the ex-Bourbon casks, and orange chocolate and malt from the Porter, all wove delightfully into our light and fruity spirit style. Whisky Director Joe Clark spent days at the marrying stage, ensuring that the balance of flavours and the bottling strength (their first ever at 50% abv) complemented each other.

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