The English Whisky Guild Annual Review

Jun 19, 2024

The English Whisky Guild which represents a large number of English Whisky distilleries released its first annual review earlier this year.

And it makes for some very interesting reading. Here are some highlights:

  • English Whiskies have won the World Whiskies Awards for Best Single Malt in 2 out of the last 3 years
Lakes World's Best Whisky Award  The English Sherry World's Best Whisky Award
  • Sustainability, regenerative farming and local sourcing are high priority - much of this possible because of the opportunity to use up-to-date systems, processes and equipment
Adnams Rye Malt English Whisky Cask - Digital Distiller  Cooper King Still  Filey Bay IPA Cask Finish English Whisky, Batch 2 - Digital Distiller
  • Historical process is respected, but there is a ton of innovation happening, helped by more flexible rules and governance. For this reason a huge diversity of styles and flavour profiles exist

  • Producers want to reach a more diverse set of consumers and break down stereotypes of who drinks whisky, and how (e.g. with mixers vs. neat)
Woman drinking whisky at a bar  Bartender making a whisky highball
  • The creation of an English Whisky GI (Geographical Indication) is underway and likely to launch in 2024

  • While single malts dominate production, grain and rye whiskies are also widely available
Fyr Drenc, English Single Malt Grain Spirit - Digital Distiller   East London Liquor Company London Rye Whisky 2022 - Digital Distiller Adnams Rye Malt Whisky - Digital Distiller     
  • The English Whisky industry has capacity to make 2.1m LPA (Litres of Pure Alcohol) per year with a fivefold increase possible medium to long term

Read The English Whisky Guild's Annual Review

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