A gin to make a song and a dance about

Apr 15, 2024

If, like me, you are fan of trying new gins, we have a treat for you!

Fresh in to the Digital Distiller shop is Sing Gin, a family owned, award-winning gin named after the village near Harrogate, Yorkshire where it is made: Kettlesing. Inspired by the natural beauty of Yorkshire, it is one of the first British premium grape-based gins.

Thompson Family. - Sing Gin  

Conceived and created by gin aficionado and owner, lan Thompson, it is made using Airen and Macabeo grapes, instead of the far more common grain spirit base.

Grape was used in juniper spirits going as far back as the 1400’s - it results in a silky smooth mouthfeel with greater weight in the mouth.

This more full-bodied gin means it feels lush and round when drunk neat over ice, but also creates a very full-flavoured G&T. Sing Gin contains seven hand-crushed botanicals including mint, orange peel and flax, which is a historic Yorkshire crop. 

Rather than use whole botanicals, the botanicals are crushed by hand at the distillery to achieve the perfect strength of flavour and aroma.

Everything gets added to "Bella", the stainless steel and copper still, named after the family's first dog.

Hands with gin botanicals  Sing Gin Stills
Forward juniper notes are followed by well-integrated sweet and citrus notes plus a hint of spice, and floral after-tones. In the mouth, the bold juniper flavours are nicely balanced with rounded orange peel notes and a long, long finish.
Sing Gin Cocktail  Hands holding bottle of Sing Gin  Sing Gin G&T
Summer Sing Fizz
35ml Sing Gin
15ml Lemon Juice
10ml Ginger Syrup
5 Mint Leaves
Top With 20ml Sparkling Wine
(Shake and fine strain)

Stem Glass
Garnish With Mint Sprig Pegged To Rim

Sing & Tonic
50ml Sing Gin
Top with Mediterranean Tonic

Stem Glass or Highball Glass
Garnish With Mint Sprig or Orange Twist

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