Pleasant Land Distillery

Sustainable Kent-based distillery creating a wide range of spirits, including eaux-de-vie

Pleasant Land use cutting edge technology and traditional techniques to distil local produce using 100% renewable energy.

Targeting carbon-neutral by the end of 2023, they have designed processes as a circular system, reducing water consumption and waste production by 90%, plus power produced using 100% renewable sources.

Spirits that taste good to the soul, as well as the palate!

In short, Pleasant Land Distillery values trust, transparency and expertise with a unique approach to sustainable distilling, creating new spirits in an ethical and responsible way. What's not to like!

Meet Sebastian Barnick

Seb's career started in the Royal Navy but since switching to the world of drinks, he has worked in Austria, South Africa and London, before finally landing in Kent.

He's the nose and brains behind the operation, and involved in every aspect of the distillery. Creator of award-winning spirits and revolutionary processes around water and waste management.

The Distillery

The distillery is powered by solar panels, and the steam used on site is created by biomass. This is producing on site by pelletising waste and windfall wood which in turn is dried by capturing waste heat from the distillation process.

Pleasant Land Distillery are a part of a regenerative agriculture and blockchain assured carbon offsetting project called Re-Generation Earth. This aims to offset as much of their carbon emissions as possible.

We're incredibly excited about working with Seb and the team at Pleasant Land Distillery.

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