Liquid Investments

Investing and Collecting Spirits

  • Variety of unique ultra-premium spirits from around the world
  • Fractional ownership of spirits still ageing in cask
  • Invest in fine spirits from birth to bottling
  • Transparent, trackable ownership for peace of mind

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"We work directly with Distillers to maximise the value of new spirits for our member investors."

Commission and Create
The Digital Distiller community will commission our master distiller partners to create casks spirits for ageing, e.g. whisky or brandy...
Source and Select
We'll source rare and unusual drinks from artisan creators around the globe. We'll consult with our members to secure exceptional drinks from talented producers.

Access for All

Securing a full cask of spirits may be out of reach, but we offer options to buy a share of a cask prior to bottling.

Members will have transparent, immutable ownership of their investment. We use blockchain technologies on top of all the legally required checks and balances.

This also simplifies the onward trading of your spirit should you decide not to drink it!